About Us

Sullivan University Services has been recently established by Gerarda Sullivan and although the company is new, Gerarda is not new to this industry.

Gerarda started teaching in 1985 in Canada, she has degrees in both Canada and the United States and has taught everyone from little children to high school students and adults in various countries.

The idea for this new venture came from being asked countless times, if she could help a son or daughter of people she knew with suggestions on how best to study for SAT or ACT exams.

So having supported students and their parents on a private basis for many years with SAT and ACT preparation, Gerarda felt it was time to help them more formally.


She has received certifications in both SAT and ACT test preparation from The Princeton Review, headquartered in The United States. This is an institution that has been providing students with a proven methodology of test-taking strategies to help them get into their dream schools for over 30 years.

The skills she acquired doing the SAT and ACT certifications help her students in turn to obtain better scores and consequently get into better schools.

Gerarda truly understands that preparing for college can feel like an emotional rollercoaster, for students and parents alike. Test-taking preparation is one way to make students feel confident, in control, and prepared on the test day.

Sullivan University Services are here to give students the right tools to help them achieve their educational goals.

Company Mission Statement from Gerarda Sullivan

Can you remember the mission statement of your school or organization? No? I can´t either as it was typically two hundred words long! That is why when developing the mission statement for my company I decided it had to be something that was memorable and short...

“Guide and support”

In essence, I am committed to guiding and supporting my students as they prepare to contribute to our society, our economy, and our future.

MINUTES is the average time a student gets with their college guidance counsellor
COLLEGES is the average number of colleges a student applies to
PERCENT of students and parents said their stress levels during the college admission process were ‘high’ to ‘very high’
COMPANY is accredited by The Princeton Review and are offering these services in SPAIN