Registering for a course is easy. You can either pay by bank transfer or you can pay in cash. The bank details will be provided to you should you wish to use this method of payment.
All students must pay in full at least (14) fourteen days prior to the first scheduled session of the test preparation Classroom Course, Small Group program or private 1-2-1 tutoring program.
All students must pay a deposit of 250 € at time of enrollment for our test preparation Classroom Course, Small Group Instruction or private 1-2-1 tutoring program.
Yes, the SAT / ACT kit is paid for separately. The cost is 250 € + the cost of postage and packaging.
If you have not paid in full (14) fourteen days prior to the first scheduled session, your seat will be cancelled and you will forfeit your deposit.
Students must register at least (14) fourteen days prior to attending class in order to receive the course materials on time. Additionally, students must complete one SAT diagnostic test in a “test environment” prior to the first session.
Students may register up to one week before a course starts. However, we recommend that you enroll no later than two weeks prior to the course start date to ensure delivery of the course materials.
No, you cannot attend class unless the full payment is received at least (14) fourteen days prior to the start of the first class.
If a refund is requested fourteen (14) working days preceding the course, Sullivan University Services will issue a full refund minus a 100 € administration fee. If a refund is requested within (14) fourteen working days preceding the course, Sullivan University Services will issue a refund by deducting 35% of the course fee, and 100 € administration fee. No refunds will be given after the course has started.
If you have registered and paid in full for the course then you can attend, otherwise, you will not be permitted to sit in on a course.

SAT / ACT Courses

Consider your own schedule when picking your test dates. Do you have obligations in dance class where there is an end of year concert? Do you have a tennis or golf competition around the same time? Do you plan to take several A-level or IB exams? We recommend that you look at your schedule for the entire year and take your first test as early as your schedule allows.
Most students are ready to take the test after the course ends. We strongly recommend that you wait to set a test date until you are halfway through our course and have a better sense of the test and the material. Your instructor can help recommend the best date based on your abilities with material, your target score, and your performance on practice tests and homework questions.

For students unable to attend certain classes, Sullivan University Services is not responsible for providing free make-up classes. It is the student´s responsibility to ensure that our class schedule is suitable for their schedule BEFORE enrolling in any of our classes. All course dates are fixed in advance, see course calendar.

If a class is missed students have a variety of options, they may either:

  • Self-study using the on-line student portal to catch up on the missed class.
  • They may self-study and request a review / catch up session (charged at an hourly rate).
  • Repeat the whole class on a private tuition basis (charged at an hourly rate).

Private Tutoring

All instructors at Sullivan University Services have been certified by a Master Trainer to teach The Princeton Review SAT/ACT courses to students.

Every instructor goes through an interview process with the International Team, completes an entrance test and presents a teaching audition before attending an authorized TPR teacher training program with a qualified Master Trainer. Instructors shadow Master Trainers in the intensive training program and must demonstrate not just their ability to shadow lessons and to teach concepts, but also to anticipate questions and responses from students.

Sullivan University Services´ philosophy is “Fail to prepare. Prepare to fail.” You will see this resonate throughout the courses.

You will be given two evaluations to fill out for your instructor, one at the mid-way point and one at the end of your course.
Private tutoring is an excellent option for anyone who cannot meet on a regular scheduled class time or their schedule is such that they are away for extended periods of time such as those students who play a sport and away for tournaments.
No, instruction will only be given in the classroom.


You will receive your materials upon enrolling, having paid in full.
  • RSAT Welcome letter
  • Course workbook for the SAT
  • Verbal workbook for the SAT
  • Math workbook for the SAT
  • SAT Practice Tests A/B/C/D
  • + 6 Practice Tests for the SAT 2017
  • Access to The Princeton Review Online Student Portal that includes educational content, practice questions and over 150 video lessons, additional practice drills and class summaries for those who miss class or seek additional review.
  • “Chat with a Teacher” feature within the Student Portal


We are presently offering courses in San Pedro, however, if there is a minimum of 5 students in your location then a course potentially could be offered.
Yes, there is a car park at the beginning of the pedestrian street. It is a short walk to the classroom.

Online Student Portal

The online student portal is a 24/7 tool that includes educational content, practice questions and over 150 video lessons.

It will personalize your prep experience, track your progress, and ensure you never miss a skill or strategy tested by the SAT/ACT.

It covers foundational knowledge videos that you might need to review before tackling a particular lesson, strategy videos, and all with interactive activities. There are drills and mini-diagnostic tests with print workbook questions.

If that is not enough, it also has a “Chat with a Teacher” feature. Students simply click the Chat with a Teacher button within their online portal and are connected to an expert ACT or SAT instructor who can help them with questions about their homework or challenging testing strategies.

Sullivan University Services provides four practice tests, one of them being a diagnostic test prior to starting a course.
C/ San Gabriel, Nº 4
29670 San Pedro Alcántara

Sullivan University Services Program Cancellation:

Occasionally, due to various circumstances, Sullivan University Services may change course schedules or locations, cancel a course, or not be able to fulfill your Small Group Instruction request. If we cancel the course in which you have enrolled and are not able to reschedule you into another course that is acceptable to you, we will refund all of the tuition you have paid (including your deposit), and we will have no further liability to you with regard to the cancelled program.

If you have received any program materials, you must return them to us, within two weeks of the program cancellation. If you fail to return materials within the two-week period, and

  • if you were registered for a classroom course or Small Group Instruction, we will refund all of the tuition paid less your deposit, or
  • if you were registered for a private 1-2-1 tutoring program, Sullivan University Services will deduct a fee of 399 €.

Please note that refunds for cancellations under this or the immediately preceding section take approximately (30) thirty days from notification of cancellation to be processed.

Urb.El Angel
Nueva Andalucia
Center Code: 59660

Avda. Lago De Los Cisnes
Center Code: 59652

In the Marbella area there are no test centers for the ACT. There are centers, however, that offer the test throughout Spain. Make sure to check your preferred test date as not all schools offer all test dates. Check out the schools to see if your test date is available.

Benjamin Franklin Intl School
Center Code: 872270

Carmarma De Esteruelas
Evangelical Christian Academy
Center Code: 873620

Los Realejos, Tenerife
British School Of Tenerife
Center Code: 872940

St Louis Univ, Madrid Campus
Center Code: 874240

American School of Valencia
Center Code: 873160

School Year Abroad
Center Code: 871500

No, it is not offered in schools. It is only taught privately.